Used School Supplies–Donate or Bring Home?

Donate Used School Supplies

 Grn4GdSince 2009, Lincoln Parents have generously donated their children’s used school supplies in June.  This year, Lincoln’s Green4Good Committee has made arrangements to donate the majority of the supplies to students in the Maywood/Melrose Park School District. Additionally, broken crayons will be donated to an organization called SCARCE to be melted down and remade into crayons for children with disabilities.

If you would like to donate your child’s used school supplies on Wednesday…DO NOTHING.

On the last day of school when the students clean out their desks, donated school supplies will be collected by the Green4Good Committee.

If your child wants to bring home his/her supplies, please email the following information to Laura Maychruk (lmaychruk AT by 10 am on Monday, June 9th: your child’s name, grade, and teacher’s name.  Your child’s teacher will be notified, and your child will bring his or her supplies home on Wednesday.

Thank you,

Lincoln Green4Good Committee

Questions?  Contact Laura Maychruk at 708-205-7044 or “lmaychruk AT”.