Attention 3rd & 4th grade: Boom Writing Club starts tomorrow



Boomwriter GuyBOOM Writer

3rd & 4th Grade Writing Club

3:15 – 4:15pm in the Computer Lab

Wednesdays: 5/14, 5/21, 5/28, 6/4

Mrs. Clasky is hosting an End of the Year BoomWriter Club. It’s free to register and students sign up for each Wednesday separately, but space is limited! It starts tomorrow so sign up now at the PTO Web Store. Questions? Contact Mrs. Clasky at “Claskya AT”. 

How it works:

  1. It begins with a story start.
  2. Kids write their version of Chapter 2. Kids take the story where they like. The only limits: imagination and a word count.  At the same time, other BoomWriters will be writing their own version of what happens next.
  3. Submit entry. When done (and before the deadline), kids submit their entry for review. If it’s accepted, they get points and BoomDollars. They’ll use BoomDollars to purchase accessories for their Boomer avatar.
  4. Vote! Vote! Vote! All BoomWriters vote on the entry they think is the best. Of course they can’t vote for their own entry, and they won’t know whose entry it is they’re voting for.
  5. Did they win? If so, then their entry becomes the official Chapter 2 of the book. If not, don’t worry because there will be many more chances for them to win.
  6. Read, write, then vote! REPEAT!  The competitions continue until the book is finished.
  7. Then, *Boom!* participants are published authors of a collaborative book!

Check out BoomWriter for more details.