1/23 Parent Forum: “Cultivating Positive Athletic Experiences”

Parents and faculty of Lincoln, Willard and Roosevelt school students, please join Connect4Kids for our third Parent Forum sponsored by Lincoln PTO:

“Cultivating Positive Athletic Experiences”

Jim Bloch & Bob Pieper from The Team www.theteamleadership.org

Thursday, January 23rd

7:00 – 8:30 pm in the Lincoln Auditorium (enter on the Franklin side)

Sports are a big part of many of our children’s lives.  Perhaps you worry if your child is not interested in playing team athletics, feel concerned with over scheduling or have witnessed unsportsmanlike conduct being modeled at games by adults. The Team will guide us back to the basics and accentuate the positive impact athletics can have on our developing children.

Jim Bloch, a former athletic director at New Trier High School, and Bob Pieper, Department Chair for Health Education, Physical Education and head Football coach at Glenbrook North High School, are professional speakers/consultants with expertise in athletic and leadership worlds. During their 90-minute talk they will share an important message: a successful journey with the sports experience is predicated on a shared partnership between the child, parent and coaches. You are invited to reflect on the experience you want for your child, get clear about why your choices matter, and be reminded it is about the children. We win some, we lose some; let’s put joy back in youth sports.

Athletics can build camaraderie, release stress, cultivate resilience, encourage leadership and grow self esteem without having underlying pressure to win and score. An assist is just as good as the goal, trying your best and working together matters as well. The Team will outline the shared responsibility we all have in raising our kids, while encouraging us to provide healthy physical and mental first athletic experiences.

Bring a friend, invite a coach from the neighborhood; hope to see you there.

 Inquiries please contact: Maureen Spielman, mauspiel@gmail.com, or Annie Dwyer loolatopiafairy@gmail.com