Info from the Treasurer

Check Requests

Requests for reimbursement can be made by filling out a Check Request Form and attaching receipts. The forms can also be found in the red accordion file located on the PTO mailboxes in the Lincoln School office.

  • Use the Committee/Event List if you are unsure what your Committee or Event is called.  If you do not see your Committee and/or Event, leave it blank, but attach an explanatory note to the form.
  • The Committee Contact Person is the person best able to answer any questions we have about the check request.  The e-mail address and phone number that you list should be the ones that we will have the best chance of reaching you.
  • The “Check Information” refers to the person/company to whom the check should be made out. It should be noted that if you need us to mail the check for you, please include the address.
  • The chairperson of your Committee should be notified prior to requesting a reimbursement. Ensure that the amount you are requesting is within the Budget for the Committee.  If the reimbursement is greater than the budgeted amount, your payment will be delayed until PTO approval is received. This may require a PTO meeting.
  • Use the Tax Exempt Letter is required for making purchases on behalf of the PTO.
  • Attach a copy of (a) the receipt, (b) the invoice, or (c) if neither is available, some sort of explanatory note.

The form with receipts should be left in the tab marked Requests of the red file.  Checks are returned within a week to the front pocket of the folder.  If a check is needed more quickly, please contact the Treasurers directly.

Requests for Vendor Payments can be made electronically to the email with check details including date needed, vendor name, amount, committee name, event name or reason for the check.  Checks will be left before the event in the red file, please leave a receipt in the file marked Requests.

Tax Exemption Certificate

All purchases made on behalf of the PTO are tax exempt!  Please always use the Tax Exemption Certificate when purchasing anything for the PTO.  We cannot reimburse for sales tax, as we are a not-for-profit, and do not owe sales tax to the state of IL.

W-9 Tax Form

Any vendor, not incorporated as a business, that the PTO pays more than $600 in a calendar year must have a W-9 Form on file. The PTO will provide the vendor a 1099 Form before taxes are due. The PTO cannot pay vendors unless this W-9 form is on file. The W-9 form can be found in the red file or electronically.

Examples:Jane Doe teaches music classes and is paid $2700—she needs a W-9 on file. Brown Cow is paid $1000 for ice cream—but does NOT need a W-9 because they are a business.  Bob Smith is paid $350 for field day popsicles—but does NOT need a W-9 form because the PTO paid him less than $600 for the entire year. Only one form is needed on file, not every time a vendor is paid. This does not apply to reimbursements, only services or products purchased by the PTO.

Petty Cash

There are 3 PTO cash boxes for use at PTO events.  Inside all cash boxes there is $150 cash for making change, Square Credit Card Readers, and deposit forms.  Please arrange to have a cash box ahead of time by emailing the Treasurer email.  Specify if the event needs the Square CC reader so they can be allocated where they are needed most. The PTO cannot accept Venmo, QuickPay or Zelle payments but we are working on it!!  All checks should be made payable to: Lincoln School PTO.  

After an event please count all profits (two people please! – Petty Cash Verification Form), fill out the PTO deposit form, deposit at MB Financial Bank ASAP and return the cash box to the Treasurer with deposit forms.  Please return the box to the Treasurer(s) with $150 exactly.

Making Deposits at MB Financial

Please fill out both the MB Financial deposit slip (must complete an original form found in the PTO folder in the Lincoln office)  and PTO deposit form. Return both to the red accordion file once the deposit has been completed.

  • The deposit form tells us how to account for the money received and needs to have the depositor’s contact information should there be any questions.
  • All proceeds from PTO activities must be deposited.  Do not pay out expenses of the activity from the receipts.  Fill out a reimbursement form for any expenses incurred.
  • Please check your math or have the teller total the form while you wait.  The bank charges fees when a correction needs to be made.
  • Checks should be endorsed either (a) with the endorsement stamp, or (b) “Lincoln PTO – for deposit only”
  • Our bank is MB Financial, and the closest branch is across Lake Street from the school.  If you wish, you may go in the “Commercial Lane.” If you request the teller to “deposit as cash” the teller should verify while you wait, which can avoid complications if your calculations are off.  The bank charges fees when corrections are made.
  • Finally, the stamped bank deposit slip and the deposit form should be placed in the “DEPOSIT” section of the PTO Treasurer’s folder in the school office.

**No Cash Should be Left in the School Office or on School Property at any time.**